Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No Freedom for you, No freedom for me- Says Adrianna

When I warned that HP was targeting us for posting pleasantries, I expected people to rise up; You didn't. Then when the broken youtube music links thing surfaced, I was sure then, that the HP community would be from heard; we stood mute. Then came the news that HP summarily began suspending accounts that did not follow a certain tone. Certainly we would not stand for that; we did. HP is conducting massive surveillance on our community; you and me, and at least I consoled myself that finally, finally we had enough. Evidently we haven't. In fact if the people in this site have spoken the message is; We're OK with it all:
The censorship
The warrantless blocking of links
The suspension of accounts

We as a group apparently are not offended. There haven’t been many letters of protest being written, in fact there's no clear indication that most of you noticed or care. Well I care and so do others.  If you are offended by:

Unwarranted bannings
excessive scru.bings
Blank spaces
Link deletions

Appeal to others to join the protest!
Take the time today and post your grievances.

GringoLingo is a Coward that attacks others, then gets the ones that fight back Banned.(This has in no way anything to do with the post above)

PS. Let me know if you want me to add a scum back(Like Ramirez to the list) clown Assholes like these need to be kicked in the Ass.


  1. That's about it in a nutshell. Sad, huh?

  2. I am tired of seeing some of the people I like banned. I am also tried of seeing people deleting their accounts because of one crazy person on the site.

  3. I deleted my account, HP has become tabloidish and all the cool people are gone. Plus it's like you are on the Fox News forums lately.

  4. It's frustrating when some of the best and brightest writers, the ones that make HP interesting, thought provoking and entertaining simply disappear. Meanwhile, doltish, tired spammers roam the threads freely, insulting our intelligence and sensibilities. I've almost stopped writing original comments. It takes time to compose them only to have them vanished or perpetually pending. So, snark seems to be what's acceptable at HP. It's quick, takes virtually no thought and if the post is lost, it's lost. Not much investment. Sadly.

  5. When this column


    went up Art Brodsky got first post and it was a good one. It also disagreed somewhat with the author, one of the suits at Disney who thinks everybody who manages to acquire content for free would, if prevented from doing so, pay full price instead of just doing without.

    A day later it and at least 3 replies were gone without a trace.

    Posts pointing this out were not particularly welcome.

  6. Same thing happened to Moon Over Alabama and it's German doppelganger, neither explained why they suspended their blogs, even though for a time some of the greater political commentators were found there. HP is verging on Hard Porn, but then, so it our entire American society. 'There will always be jobs for cab drivers and call girls in America!' What's left to say?

  7. You know, speaking of MoA's German doppelganger, since Adrianna is freely 'sampling' all the PPV media and blog-commenting off that free source, why not mirror Adrianna!? What perfect revenge, to sample her site as she samples the media, and allow unlimited posting with only H8.mil filter? What's she going to do, sue you for doing what she is clearly already doing, pimping for Fox? She started out a Redwinger, and never changed.

  8. Wow. I noticed I haven't seen some folks in a while, like Thunderclap, Agent and AsianAA. At least we still have Hume and Bitsko. Sigh. I feel you all on the perpetually pending posts - that is very annoying, esp when they took so much time to write. Or sometimes they scrub it right away. AAArgh.